Top 4 Reason to Dispose of Hazardous Waste Correctly

OK, so what is hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste materials such as paint, solvents, oil, pesticides, detergents, chemicals and batteries, are unwanted materials that can have life and environmentally-threatening consequences! There are different disposal methods which offer suitability for safely recycling these materials, in a way that preserves the environment and doesn’t cause any implications for wildlife either.

Did you know that you are responsible for separating your hazardous waste from your general waste? Discover everything you need to know about safe hazardous waste disposal here!

Storing hazardous waste

If you are aiming to renovate your property, have you considered how you are going to store any potentially dangerous materials? Even if you’re the most experienced hoarder, we are almost certain you won’t want to keep hold of hazardous waste for too long! With this said, it is your duty of care to separate your waste to ensure all hazardous materials are removed!

When storing hazardous materials, it’s essential that you use specialised equipment – whether it’s a container or a drum – you have the responsibility of keeping the waste secured and locked away – preventing any harm or pollution! You must also label the container with a suitable description, ensuring other people know exactly what is inside (therefore you’re not compromising their safety either) and making it easier for when someone collects your hazardous waste.

Waste collections

Are you working on a construction site?

Don’t panic! A reputable collection company can arrange to collect your hazardous waste – providing you with extra convenience. There is no need for you to disrupt your project, you can arrange for your waste to be collected by a licensed operator who has specified training, qualifications, equipment and experience when it comes to hazardous waste disposal!

Audit trails

It is advisable for you to record as much detail as you can with regards to any hazardous waste that you have produced – right up until it is disposed of. Why is this? If you have a record for the safe disposal of hazardous waste, it should be kept safe and organised – ensuring that you have proof that you have not contaminated the environment nor can you be held responsible for the consequences. If you are removing any hazardous materials, you must have a waste transfer note and a signed consignment note – these both last for 2 years (holding you responsible!)


Surely the consequences can’t be that bad for incorrectly disposing of hazardous waste?

Well, we beg to differ at North West Waste Consultants; the Environmental Agency hold you accountable for the contamination of hazardous waste with general waste if you don’t have the correct documentation – you could be fined! The value of the fine is dependent on how much waste you haven’t disposed of correctly (let’s hope it wasn’t too much!)

Have you thought about the consequences you could have on the human population? Or ecology? Hazardous waste can have dangerous impacts on the livelihood of wildlife, so much so that their life expectancy can be shortened instantaneously!

Rest assured, you aren’t alone feeling overwhelmed by such stringent regulations!

At North West Waste Consultants, we understand that the regulations are not straightforward, hence why we provide you with a wealth of industry expertise and information that can educate you on the importance of hazardous waste disposal.

If you require a waste disposal plan, North West Waste Consultants can ensure that you’re following the suitable procedure and have the correct documentation for the disposal of your hazardous waste.


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